Nuoriso- ja luontomatkailukeskus Oivanki avanto

About us

Oivanki Outdoor Education Centre is one of the 10 national youth centres supervised and supported by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Finland. The centre is located in Kuusamo, north-eastern Finland in peaceful surroundings by a small lake. Our aim is to serve as a local, regional and international youth centre as well as provide lodging and programme services for groups and individuals regardless of age.

Camps for children and young people have been organized in Oivanki since 1970s, specializing in nature and adventure themes. Camps and school groups are still our biggest customer groups, but important areas of our work are also youth work locally and internationally as well as international camps and youth exchanges. We offer our services also for adult groups, different kinds of events, conferences and family gatherings.

Activities in Oivanki are planned tailor-made for each group considering their needs and wishes. You can also plan the programme according to your own theme and use our activities as an addition to your own programme if you like. Let us help you plan the perfect itinerary for your camp or event in Oivanki.

Nature is all around us and our aim is to take our customers closer to nature. Even our own back yards offer great opportunities for observing nature not to mention national parks and other nature attractions. Kuusamo is famous for its natural beauty and Oulanka National Park here is one of the most visited national parks in Finland. The park's unique flora and fauna bring out the characteristic features of the nature in Kuusamo area. Oivanki's guided activities are a great way to learn about nature and observe it in a safe environment.

Welcome to Oivanki!