Nuoriso- ja luontomatkailukeskus Oivanki avanto


Camp School design is best shared by the whole class project. The design is good to start well in advance. The camp school program planning is always based on class needs and wishes, which the school camp instructor finalizes each class timetable a suitable program.

  Make a reservation Oivanki as soon as school camp date has been decided, for the most  popular dates fill up fast
  confirming the booking date stated, please indicate at the same time the total number of employees, as well as a group of girls, boys, men and women, the numbers for the accommodation plan
  • Select unsuitable programs and indicate the class program wishes as early as possible, to email oivanki (at)
  Please return the completed health form no later than 3 weeks before the start of the camp school
  • Read the teacher's manual before arrival Oivanki.