Nuoriso- ja luontomatkailukeskus Oivanki avanto

Oivanki Nuotta-coaching

The main purpose of education is an adventure, the strong nature of group-method, which can be used to strengthen young people's self-esteem, teamwork, taking responsibility, taking care of oneself and others. Adventure activities reflection, learning and finding their own strengths and your limits / thresholds crossing safely, can serve as a metaphor for everyday life of young people, so that an individual can say: I can and I dare. Training is carried out as long-term and short-duration. Long-term coaching is a year-long process that includes a number of purse seine episodes Oivanki. Group undertakes to take up the challenge towards which aims to by learning the knowledge and skills. All trainings are customized in terms of the length or complexity to suit the needs of the group. The group involved should always arrive at the youth's own director.

More information and applications: purse seine (at), tel. 040 860 8049 or 040 8608608.