Nuoriso- ja luontomatkailukeskus Oivanki avanto

Programs and Activities

Nature is all around us in Oivanki, the surrounding forest and lake are a perfect playground for many kinds of activities all year round. The nearby Oulanka National Park and Ruka holiday resort give us even more possibilities for great experiences outdoors.The four changing seasons of the year bring variety to the activities, there is always something to do out there. Our activities offer something for everyone regardless of age and the size of the group.

Some of our most popular outdoor activities include team work exercises in Oivanki surroundings, "Action in oivanki" theme day, guided hikes in Oulanka National Park, white water rafting, dog sledding, snowshoeing and alpine curling. Learn more about these, our indoor activities and more from the links below.

Summer season - Look at! 

During late spring and summer there is plenty of sunlight all through the night, autumn brings the colours to the nature. Many activities can be done on dry land as well as the many lakes and rivers of the area, including river rafting, rock climbing, paddling, hiking and many kinds of excercises in Oivanki area.

Winter - Look at!

In Kuusamo, there is snow on the ground from October-November until April-May. The long winter offers great opportunities for many kinds of activities in the snow and on ice. The atmospheric darkening nights of early winter are a world of their own. Moving towards spring the days get longer and sunnier, inviting us to spend more time outdoors.

All year round - Look at!

Activities all year round in Oivanki include handicrafts as well as some activities and excercises indoors and out that are varied according to the weather and season.

Your own travel - Look at!

In Ruka-Kuusamo area there are many interesting places to visit and recreational activities to try. Some places are easily reached along the way to or from Oivanki or as an evening programme.